vintage Style clothing – exclusivity and chic

Did you ever think that after twenty or even afraid to say, thirty years, your clothing and accessories lying in the closet and boxes, as well as the boxes will be chic and greatest value? Someone will come in ecstasy, looking at your worn but favorite jeans with a low waist and a wide leather belt, decorated with rhinestones or metal studs? No? You do not protect your stylish outfits for future generations?

What if your granddaughter reaching the age of 20 or 25 years, will come to you and say, “Grandma, your ancient suitcase leatherette with wheels long retractable handle, not preserved if the pair traucejis and tops with sequins? They are now so fashionable and popular, things are out of your century, and are almost state.“ What will you do and where to flee, and what place on your graying head, you start scratching, regretting that he did not know about the phenomenon in the fashion world as vintage style clothing, did not understand its value.

Website for women a Stylish little Thing thinks that it makes sense to understand the stylish direction and decide what items from your wardrobe after a certain number of years can move into this exclusive category.


What is the vintage style and what it relates to?

Such a beautiful and incredibly stylish, the word “vintage“ comes to us from no less stylish and sophisticated French. More precisely, one of the most famous and popular French art of winemaking. Yes oznachaet this concept is something elegant and refined, namely, the wine is many years old, created all the rules and requirements of this beverage.

A vintage wine is considered in France which matured in cellars for at least 10-15 years, maybe more, but advanced age wine does not always equates it to the vintage types. This wine would grow to properly mulch of the vineyard, and the perfect amount of precipitation in form of rain and number of Sunny days. Only these factors, or rather, their perfect combination, provide the right wine to be considered vintage, that is time-tested and meet the rules of style.

Same with clothing, accessories and interior design items, only what has stood the onslaught of time that was created with a clear fulfillment of the conditions and requirements of style and fashion of its era, can relate to such a concept as vintage style.

We can say that vintage is something that was forgotten and almost gone from our lives, but the memory of them remained, so that one day they could come out and amaze us with their elegance, uniqueness and subtle relationship between past time and present.

The history of the vintage style

In fact, things in the vintage style and themselves have a history, but every story has its beginning and reason. And so does the vintage style was very old prerequisites to development, and the transition to modern religious direction.

Let us for a moment go back to the XIX century, to the noble people, elegant women of fashion and dandies. At the time, brand new, just custom-made or costume jewelry, not made in some time-tested style, it was considered bad form and a sign of philistinism.

Just arrived from the tailor were sourcecodefile to footmen, for their rassasyvaniya and giving a worn-in feel. Many dandies-dandy mashed their costumes sandpaper, so that they shone not by its novelty, and looked already used.

Why? Yes, becausethat quality can only be proven thing, which is used for a long time, but it still surprises with its modernity, elegance and a great view, that is meets all requirements that equate the subject to the standard. If you have already used a few years a jacket or umbrella continues to be in good shape and perfectly fulfills its function, while remaining fashionable and stylish, which distinguishes its possessor from the crowd, so this thing is high quality and it can be attributed to made in vintage style.

Criteria of vintage things or what they say stylists

Leading stylists, without whose opinions on style, of course, we’re not going anywhere, not every thing’s in a hurry to determine the ranks of the precious items in vintage style. As well as exclusive wine, clothes in vintage style also has several parametersthat need to be followed exactly.

1. It’s the age thing, it should not be under 20 years of age, otherwise it is not vintage, just vintage style. Many stylists even twenty and thirty years things equate to retro and vintage I think only clothes and items that were created before the 60-ies of XX century. Well, here everyone has their own ideas and quirks, maybe it is correct, and it is considered vintage jeans boiled bananas 80 years is somehow not very, right?

2. This rule applies to style things and its possession of characteristic features of the era in which it was created. Vintage should show a vivid example of fashion and style its time to look at her, it was possible to determine exactly when it was created.

Let’s say the flared trousers is just second-hand, but the bell bottom with embroidery, patches or colored characteristic fading can be attributed to the vintage, because it came from the hippies and this distinguished them from other people, making visible. Or a silk dress, aged 30-40 years are not great, but a silk dress having a fashionable and distinctive style 50-60’s, with lace and correct neck collar is nothing like the dress in the vintage style.

A vintage item is the “fashion“ of his time, bears its spirit and charm, but to see it and not buy the consumer goods of the era should be well versed in the history of fashion.

Vintage style includes furniture, jewelry, and clothes, and, of course, shoes. Even underwear can be vintage, thereby, in which our great-grandmother was fascinated by their husbands. But, nevertheless, a generation of designers and stylists get their inspiration in old things, because in them is hidden the secret of success. If they were popular then and recognize now that their access to the scene today shall be crowned not less furor and attention, even given them a small upgrade.