Waist bags 2019-2020

Today, designers are actively experimenting with a variety of models of bags. Already at the beginning of this year we were able to see a lot of options for unusual bags.

And it concerns not only the original performance of the model, but also the color theme. Today we will talk about the most popular model of bags 2019, and possibly 2020, it’s waist bags. Waist bags became popular in early 2018. But the peak of their popularity falls on the middle of 2019. For the first time this unusual model of bags appeared in the sixties.

Waist bags 2019-2020

But then she was rather a matter of men’s fashion. Already in the early nineties, waist bags were actively used by women to implement a variety of images. And today, they finally ascended the Olympus of the most popular trends of the season. Let’s discuss the most popular models of women’s waist bags 2019, 2020.
Waist bag is really one of the most important accessories that should be in every woman’s wardrobe in 2019. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, as well as variations of colors.

These are miniature or bulky bags, which are made of a wide variety of materials, including velour, leather, natural silk and even lacquer. However, You should understand that waist bags are incredibly functional. Designers come up with many lines that are suitable for a variety of functions. It is a compartment for credit cards, phone, keys, cosmetics, money and more. However, an important element of the waist bags are also original decor elements. In particular, many fashion brands complement waist bags with voluminous snakes, belts, and chains. Let’s discuss in more detail a variety of variations of waist bags and summarize the fashion trends.

Sports waist bags 2019

Surely, You have noticed how popular are today it sports waist bags. And it’s not that the key brands of the sports world such as Adidas, Puma, Nike advertise them as a sports image, but also well-known fashion Houses such as Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, also complement their collections with branded sports bags. These accessories have a wide variety of colors. But for some reason, the most popular today are bags decorated with a variety of still lifes and flowers. And at the same time, pay attention to the yellow waist bags in a sporty style, as they will be popular throughout the year.

Waist bags, genuine leather

Of course, leather bags are very popular among women of all ages and tastes. The skin attracts with its luxury and a variety of forms. Pay attention to the original leather waist bags from Burberry, which are made in strict classic colors, as well as natural brown leather. Luxury bags can also be found in the collection of Dolce Gabbana, Fendi. Almost all of them are made in the classical style. that allows you to use them for everyday wardrobe and for work.

Beach waist bags

For the beach season stylists have prepared a special option, it is transparent waist bags, which are ideal for beach style. However, they look incredibly bright and attractive. Transparent bags of oilcloth have become popular in early 2018. Today, they have only increased their relevance.
Miniature bags on chain
Pay attention to the bright collection of the English brand Burberry spring-summer 2019, the key focus of which was rectangular leather handbags on a thin gold chain. Pretty chic accessory even for everyday look, which is also suitable for evening style. Handbags on the chain, also presented in the collection of Chanel.
Purse bags

The long-established trend of purse bags continues to dominate the fashion catwalk. Pay attention to the exquisite waist bags from Gucci, genuine leather. Round shape, and also discreet Leiba allow to generate incredibly bright image. Ideal for the formation of a business style. Purses are also presented in the collection of the famous brand Fendi, Elizabeth Francini, Gucci, Burberry and Chanel. Unusual minimalist sizes of bags allow you to create a bright image. But they are fashionable to wear both on the basis of outerwear and on the basis of dresses.

Retro bags

Retro bags also prevail on the fashion catwalk in 2019. Pay attention to the classic reticules, which are also important to wear at the waist. Many stylists choose a reticule made of genuine leather, as well as classic triangular bags resembling a purse.


Sophisticated and stylish backpacks are also popular in 2019. Almost all of them are based on a thin leather belt, and look incredibly elegant. This unusual waist accessory is suitable for a sporty look.

Color palette

One of the most popular color trends of 2019 is yellow. Waist bags yellow, this is really a key trend of the season. Also pay attention to pastel shades, namely beige, which is represented in the collection of Burberry, Chanel, Escada and many other collections.

What is fashionable to wear a waist bag?

First of all, stylists note that when wearing waist bags, there are no specific rules. You can combine them with the most diverse style wardrobe, including both classic and sports items. In particular, for a classic look will be an excellent solution bag handbag, classic leather handbag. For a sporty look, choose waist bags, which are also important to wear over the shoulder. Many waist bags look like a classic belt, so they are perfect for every day. Also waist bags can be worn on the basis of outerwear. Very elegant leather bags look and on the basis of the coat. If You prefer a trench coat and even a down jacket, choose waist bags of medium size, either genuine leather or fabric.

The game of contrasts is also welcome. But to wear waist bags paired with a fur coat stylists do not recommend extreme, or recommend to choose incredibly sophisticated options. For a classic business image, stylists recommend choosing elongated square bags, as well as bags belts, visually reminiscent of housekeeper.

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