Wedding hairstyles for blonde hair 2016

To hair is not falling apart and held form strands need to fix, but do not tighten, because It can injure the hair itself.
In the second stage queue to the main weaving by large fingers add additional locks on the left side first and then on the right. Thus it is woven braid to the neck, and then continues in the usual braided braids three strands. At the end of the hair is fixed and invisible rubber band.

Another Spit, which will be relevant in 2016 – this is an option with curls. Volume stylists recommend braids lay on its side and complement their original accessories in the form of flowers.

Twist Hairstyle

Fashionable styling twist has always been considered a kind of standard wedding style. This year, the relevant modest and restrained styling. So, stylists insist neat twist, which are decorated with colorful accessories for hair.

Hairstyle high beam

Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2016 – it is also a stylish hairstyle beam. To create a harmonious image of the wedding stylists do not recommend to save on fashion accessories. This year, the fashion is the high beam of the hair, which is fashionable to collect at the very top. In particular, many designers recommend creating a three-dimensional beams that look very stylish.

Wedding hairstyles for blonde hair 2016

Wedding hairstyles for blonde hair 2016

Wedding hairstyles for blonde hair 2016

Wedding hairstyles for blonde hair 2016

Wedding hairstyles for blonde hair 2016

Hair style voluminous curls

Hair volume curls – the queen of wedding pilings. It was with this haircut dream to go to the altar many brides. What are the locks in the trend?

Style Experts say that this year should pay attention to the hairstyle with large curls and styling with side curls – they will enjoy great popularity! Small curls should choose brides with fine hair to create extra volume. And yet, look at the combined hair, for example, locks with braids.

One of the most beautiful hairstyles is considered high wedding styling. Stylists are experimenting, creating a luxurious styling, which boasts elegance and beauty. This year, the incredibly popular wedding hair styling options combined.

This up do with curls plaits and braids. And pay attention to the voluminous up do, they are still in the trend. Add high stacking is possible with the help of stylish scallops decorated with a scattering of stones, as well as silk ribbon, and so on.

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