Wedding manicure photos

Present you wedding manicure photo gallery — best. When we are talking about one of the most important days in our lives, every detail matters, and of course, wedding manicure is one of the most important, and the bride in any case it needs to be of high quality. The professionals of nail service offer a huge selection of different options for wedding design both artificial and natural nails.

Before the wedding every girl needs to care not only about beauty of face and figure, but also on the elegance of the hands because the hands of the bride and groom be in the spotlight on this important day.


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  • Tips — how to make a wedding manicure
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  • Wedding manicure photo

Wedding manicure is desirable to make a professional — it will take less time and, of course, the result will be just stunning.

If your nails are extremely strong and long, you can easily improve their appearance, using the procedure of nail extension.

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Wedding manicure — types

1. The most popular and traditional wedding manicure is French. It is possible to diversify and decorate with drawings, paintings, crystals, or make the tips brighter.

French wedding manicure photo

2. Bulk design — nail design added acrylic modeling various patterns, colors, etc. Such modeling is short-lived, but quite beautiful.

If you want to make bulk wedding design, it should be done immediately before the wedding, and before you go on a honeymoon, should remove them.

3. Aquarium nail design is one of the most beautiful and durable. This wedding design is only done on synthetic nails. The main difference of this manicure — the whole design, including acrylic stucco, sequins, stones, rhinestones, etc, the top is covered with a layer of clear acrylic.

This creates the effect of an aquarium and a wedding manicure looks very impressive! Another advantage of this design is that, if necessary, nails can be coated conventional varnish (if you needed a modest plain manicure without a pattern).

Aquarium wedding manicure photo

Wedding manicure — tips

  1. To choose the suitable length and get used to them, the nails should be done in 1-2days.
  2. Before heading to the master, it is better to choose a wedding manicure and save the photo. Because everyone has different tastes, and that will offer you manicure you might not like it. Do not forget that wedding you have and it will never happen again. Approach the selection of wedding nail design very seriously.

In this section you can find many quality and beautiful wedding nail designs, a collection of “Wedding manicure photos” will be updated.

If you made the choice to plain nail Polish, consider the color of nail Polish in advance. Keep in mind that the natural color of the nail Polish can be very different from the color of the varnish, which we select through the transparent glass of the bottle.

If you are confident and you have the experience of creating a design yourself, you can do a wedding manicure and home.

If you have healthy and beautiful nails, it is enough to tweak the shape and varnish. The most popular form is a stylish spatula. If you have classic style, in this case it is best to choose almond-shaped or oval.

The bride is the embodiment of beauty and tenderness, so the most popular colors for wedding manicure — white, light pink, peach, beige and gentle all light colors. Most importantly, it fit the overall image of the bride.

These stunning models with 3D flowers are made with acrylic powder. Beautiful acrylic colors, you can add multiple contour lines, which will further beautify your wedding manicure.

This wedding manicure is very romantic and definitely will not go unnoticed.

Romantic wedding manicure photo

Wedding nail designs photo with rhinestones

This elegant wedding manicure with lace and crystals is really impressive and makes this sophisticated manicure is simply unique.

A bit extravagant wedding manicure

Wedding nail design can be done with small glittering stones, but why not bet on something more impressive — on Swarovski crystals, inlaid with gold and silver threads!

The motives of wedding dresses is also very suitable manicure

Don’t be afraid and experiment with different forms of nail art and wedding design. Our advice is to first make the basis manicure using light pink, white and beige tones, and then choose your combination of colors for design and decorating items.

Your wedding manicure must be in the same style as your dress and accessories, pay attention to every detail, so your image was perfect and irresistible!

Your wedding manicure will grab the attention of visitors not only in the moment when the groom will wear a wedding ring, but when shaking hands with guests during a dance or a toast, etc.. So use your wedding manicure as a magnet to attract looks of admiration.

And a little tip — don’t forget to make a photo Wedding manicure. Ask your photographer to take some pictures. Every time you watch these pictures after the wedding, you will come back to this unforgettable day.

Photos beautiful wedding nail Polish and wedding rings on a delicate finger, Kyiv will take a worthy place in your wedding album.

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Wedding manicure photo