what and how to wear chiffon skirt

Lightweight, flowing fabric – what could be better for sewing summer clothes? This axiom believe almost all of the stylists. That is why soft chiffon is recognized as an ideal summer material from which the restless sewn everything from cute weightless blouses, to a charming, breezy dresses.

And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the site is Stylish turned their attention to this magical material. We, as true experts in the world of fashion and style, you just have to know how to wear and what combination of things made of chiffon. And today, we can start with skirts (summer still 🙂 ). So, meet: what and how to wear a chiffon skirt?

Strategic advantages of chiffon

So why chiffon is so much love among designers and fashionistas?

Maybe because, despite its apparent transparency and lightness, it becomes a great helper when it comes to masking small women’s weaknesses (a protruding stomach, imperfect waist, small Breasts, etc.). And we, artful creation, know this and shamelessly use it.

Maybe we respect him for his unique ability to infuse femininity and charm of the figure, devoid of even a hint of these noble qualities?

Or we adore the chiffon for the opportunity to feel comfortable even in the incredible heat of summer?

In any case, we love chiffon, and wearable skirt out of it! Point!

A wide variety of colors and styles of skirts, made of chiffon

But most of all we are pleased with the fact that thanks to the boundless imagination of designers, we can tirelessly experiment with skirts, made of chiffon. The benefit of styles, models and colors is enough for everyone!

Long chiffon skirt to the floor, decorated with fancy prints charming skirt tutu, extremely short length and extremely brightly colored, elegant MIDI skirt, embroidered noble embroidery or beaded – dust designers, as you can see, almost inexhaustible.

Years do not lose their relevance short skirts-packs, which, remember, was originally the prerogative only of the dancers. Typically, these skirts are sewn from solid fabrics (white, black, pink or yellow) and at least three layers (this gives it splendor), decorate a skirt with bows or ruffles (like the image will perfectly fit into the interior fun party or summer walk in the Park).

For walking around the city it can be worn with a camisole or t-shirt. To Supplement the image will help ballet flats. In cooler weather under a skirt you can wear leggings, a light jacket will complete the ensemble.

Additionally, the skirt-tutu is perfect for a night club, it can be worn also on a friendly party. To create a bold and sexy image chiffon skirt tutu is desirable to complement the corset and sandals with high heels.

It is worth remembering that this kind of skirt worn on the hips. This gives the figure a coveted elegance and lightness.

Long chiffon skirt is a truly magical tool of transformation, because it goes almost all women (from the owners of type shape Apple to owners of shapes, hourglass and pear), making their figures are graceful, feminine and incredibly seductive.

With this skirt you can combine a top or tight shirt, you can also complement it with a blouse, made of silk or chiffon.

In cold weather the way it is possible to insulate a knitted cardigan or leather jacket. For this ensemble as accessories perfect wide-brimmed hats, bracelets, clutches, handbags, on a chain.

Dressing up in a chiffon skirt Maxi, don’t forget to highlight your graceful figure (waist in particular), this can be done using a wide belt or waistband.


As a Supplement to evening outfit can be paired with a long chiffon skirt, you can use a flowing blouse or fitted top.

Despite the fact that chiffon is the material for summer wear, the skirt is made of chiffon, can be worn in cold season (last time none of the autumn-winter collection is not complete without a chiffon skirt). This skirt will look good with knitwear, velvet, and even suede or leather.


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