What dresses are

Dress is not only the feminine form of clothing. With dresses the easiest way to disguise the figure flaws, provided that it is chosen correctly, of course. Since the problem of overweight worries a great many women, the website Stylish is committed to tell what dresses are and what nuances should be considered when choosing them.

So if you consider yourself an “chasers here” and deny myself the pleasure to flaunt in a dress, confident that after reading our article you’ll change your mind.

Dresses for donuts selection criteria


There are several win-win options of dress styles in which the full figure will look more favorably.

— Sheath dress. It is elegant in its conciseness dress will compliment any figure. It is in the universality of this model the secret of its success. Order sheath dress visually strainilor you, it should ideally sit. Do not be lazy and have one such dress in the Studio, or get the figure finished model – it does not time you out.

Dress in the Empire style. Extra pounds tend to concentrate on the thighs and abdomen. It is these places tend to disturb the majority of women. But buxom beauties have a reason to be proud of – gorgeous bust.

Dress in the Empire style (or dress in Greek style) best way to present such a figure: it focuses on the chest, while hiding behind the lush folds of the hem problem areas.

Dress with the smell. This model helps to define the female body the correct proportion. It simultaneously flattens the tummy, accentuates the waist with the sash and forms a flattering V neckline, which visually lengthens the silhouette and draws the eyes to the bust.

Tunic. For that season tunics do not lose their relevance. On the contrary, there are all new variations on the theme of tunics. To hide full hips and tummy, choose a dress with a high waist and length to mid-thigh. Wear a tunic full women are advised with a classic straight black jeans and shoes on a small heel.

— Bustier dress. These dresses tighten the stomach, but help to demonstrate the round shoulders and impressive chest. However, if you are too full hand, from such models have to give.

— Wrap dress. It is extremely feminine and functional model. Most importantly, choose to dress snugly, but not stretched figure – then it will be slim. Long vertical row of buttons in the middle will also play in favor of harmony, but not in the case, if the buttons are unsightly to leave you in the stomach.

Dress to hide your fullness and not Vice versa, choose a model with a length to mid-knee. Long dress will also pull the silhouette (of course, if you are not tiny growth). But the mini length you absolutely contraindicated.

Avoid any artificial magnifiers volume – patch pockets, frill, flounces, etc. There’s a Golden rule: the simpler the cut and style of your dress is, the slimmer you’ll look.


You of course know that choosing the right colors has a large impact on how they will be perceived your figure.

Most women learn from childhood rule: white fat and black is slimming. This, of course, it is. But the world is not just black and white. This rule should be interpreted more broadly. Full women are advised to avoid bright colors. It is not necessary to get oneself in all black.

Choose the colors depending on your color type. Slim such noble and interesting colors like dark blue, cherry, Burgundy, green, brown.

Important rule of choosing dresses for full: avoid large garish prints. Order a lush figure looked more advantageous, you should give preference monochrome combination of colors. This technique is visually stretched silhouette, while large figures, on the contrary, tend to visually add volume. Completely abandon the drawings are not necessarily.

You will approach, for example, small peas or vertical stripes.

But about the horizontal stripes are best forgotten. As well as any of the elements in a dress that visually cut your body in half, whether it’s a bright contrast waistband or abrupt transition from one color to another.


Should give preference to the tissues, which are quite well keep their shape, but not too hard. Avoid corduroy, Jersey and other fabrics that add volume. Love the matte fabric and forget about sheen – he has the ability to attract the attention as to the advantages and the disadvantages.

We hope that our article has helped you figure out what dresses are in full.

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