What gel Polish is best?

How to choose the gel nail Polish and how do they differ? Reviewing the most popular brands, find out what gel Polish is best. A detailed review of the best gel polishes from different manufacturers. Now there are many different companies that produce gel polishes, and many of them are doing really good quality and not expensive.


  • Manufacturers of gel varnish — which is better?
  • How to choose gel nail Polish
  • Expert advice — comparison of popular brands

Which gel Polish is best?

Cnd shellac

The base coating has a transparent color. The coating is very dense, evenly is on the nail, the brush is easy and allows you to evenly distribute the coating.

Colored shellac of this firm is quality, but the color palette at Cindy’s very small. Top shellac thick and does not spread on the nail.

The advantage of this firm as the gel Polish lasts up to two weeks, and a disadvantage, but a small palette, is not a large volume of the bottle.

Nail Polish

Harmony gelish

Gel Polish well and evenly placed dense enough, but the brush this gel is very small. A huge advantage of this firm in large variety — the palette of colors is constantly updated with new shades. This is the most resistant gel Polish — lasts up to three weeks.

Ibd just gel

Base coat is not compressed, falls evenly, easy brush. It’s not gel Polish is 100% gel, so it is very convenient. When working with it no problems, the palette of this company as huge and diverse as harmony gelish.

The advantage is not only that keeps the gel Polish 2-3 weeks, but as well pleased with the price. Top of this company as well pleased with its quality and price.

Opi gelcolor

Brush this surface is soft and it is neither convenient, as it lacks elasticity, the coating did not go to smoothly. Color gel from this company is also not happy, as it spreads and put it straight is not very easy.

Keeps the varnish about two weeks, and the cost of the firm is slightly overvalued.


Not very popular, but has a lot of advantages. It lays down the gel Polish evenly, apply just as has a fairly easy to brush.

Dense texture, the palette of colors more 500 colors. This keeps the gel Polish for up to two weeks. The price is not high and is an advantage of this company, but wealth is that almost all shades need to put in 2-3 layers.

Shellac bluesky

Gel lacquers are a mirror reflection falls evenly, lasts more than two weeks, has a low cost. The tone of these coatings slightly transparent and should be applied in 2-3 layers, which is a disadvantage, as it consumes a large amount of hairspray.

Top company bluesky shellac is not liked because is not a broad brush, but falls rather smoothly.

How to choose gel nail Polish?

1. When choosing a gel nail Polish don’t forget about the database and the top — they play a very important role. If you decided economically to approach this question it is best to choose a cheaper company, but in any case, not to waive basic coverage.

Because without it your gel Polish

  • first, do not lie on the nails so evenly and perfectly;
  • second and not last on the nails for a long time and is likely to peel off the film when you first long contact with water.

2. Also, when choosing gel nail Polish, pay attention to its transparency, if the nails, it looks too pale, that means you have to apply it about 3 coats and paint very quickly over a gel Polish need not be expensive.

3. Also always look at the volume of the bottle, if the price is not small, and the bottle is 2-3 times less than other gel polishes, the purchase should be abandoned.

4. And, of course, plays a huge role brush — it should be as convenient and practical.

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