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Completeness imposes many restrictions on the choice of clothing. But it is no less important is the choice of hairstyles. After all, how our image is perceived as a whole, plays the role of every detail. The task of hairstyle, in case her owner is different curvaceous is to balance the overall look, shade the face and draw attention away from the small imperfections of the figure.

Today website stylishe.ru tell you what haircuts are in full. So, going to the hairdresser, you’ll be fully prepared.


How to add a figure of grace with haircuts

In order for the haircut was done, she needs to visually pull the figure up, so that she seemed thinner.

Thus, the main requirements to the hair to a curvy figure: it should visually lengthen the face and add volume in the top of the head. What model haircuts will help to achieve this?

Haircuts for short hair

In General, the concept of the short hair doesn’t seem to fit full women. Perhaps the only option short haircuts – when hair get at least to the tips of the ears.

Too short haircuts as a boy at all, few people go. Afford them can only slim women with very delicate features.

If you are overweight, then this model will only make the face even larger and rounder.

Haircuts for medium hair

Experts are unanimous that the most universal model haircuts for full is Cara. It is important that it was made with slanting corners – they make round face more elongated.

Learn how to style this hair, lifting his head and giving the side strands volume and shape.

Will suit you and the Bob – kind of Cara. Requirements as to the form the same – avoid direct correct lines.

In General, any cascading haircuts, the length of which gets you at least to the chin will make you visually slimmer.

But what you should absolutely avoid is smooth, straight strands framing the face. They emphasize large features and its General completeness.

Therefore, if the hair you have bad hold volume use a variety of styling products, buy a good hair dryer and a comb, try all sorts of equipment, etc. – the current achievements of the industry of beauty, even of three hairs will help to create a soft look.

Haircuts for long hair

Long hair by themselves, make the silhouette more elongated, feminine and slender. Requirements as to the form of the haircuts are the same – the “steps” are much better suited to the fuller figure than the haircut with the same length.

I suggest you master the styling curler. Light curls not only make the hairstyle more voluminous, but also add to the whole look of romance and lightness.

However, avoid too much iron – this applies to any length of hair. Lush small curls will make your image an even greater disparity, significantly expanding your face on the sides.

Remember that sleek hairstyles, for example, the node on the back of his head and gently brushed back the hair only exposes the face, emphasizing all of its imperfections.

Bangs – best friend

Wide forehead is a common problem full of women. To hide it will help bangs. But in any case not VISTAGY thick flat bangs on his forehead. Let it be “ragged”, asymmetric, not too long and easy. Such bangs will accentuate the thin line of the eyebrows, make eyes bigger, and generally refresh the face.

If you think that bangs doesn’t suit you, then definitely do styling on the side parting.

Hope our article about what haircuts are full, will help you more deliberate approach to the selection of hairstyles. Sometimes it is enough to make the image minor adjustments to look good.

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