What is Greek style

Ancient Greece has left us a rich cultural heritage. And fashion as a part of this legacy keeps coming back to the Greek motifs. Greek style enables the woman to feel like a goddess – majestic and beautiful. After all, the ancient Greeks had practically built a cult of physical beauty, so every detail in the Greek style seeks to emphasize it.

For that season Greek theme attracts fashion designers, inspiring them to create new collections of clothing or shoes. The past summer was marked by high popularity of the Greek braid and hairstyles in the Greek style. And there is reason to believe that the interest in the Greek style in the near future will not fade. Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you about the brightest features that are typical for this area.

Clothes in Greek style

Key features of the clothes in the Greek style – elegant draping and pleating. Dresses in Greek style are made in the image and likeness of the clothing of the ancient Greeks – peplos and heaton. It is easy to notice that similar styles of dresses almost universal. They emphasize the flowing lines of the female silhouette, artfully grimiruyas the disadvantages, for example, not too attractive hips or full tummy.

The free flowing folds of the clothes help a woman to maintain a certain mystique.

Another characteristic feature of the clothes in the Greek style is asymmetry. Whether it’s asymmetrical hem dress or the style, Baring one shoulder a – asymmetry always shifts focus and makes the image more interesting.

We can not say about the heritage of modern design ideas, based on Greek motifs – tunic. Tunic is a shortened dress that can be worn with jeans and leggings, and breeches, and shorts, and Capri. Today there is such a variety of models of tunics that they have become almost universal form of clothing. You can meet and hand knitted tunics, and gorgeous, festive, with a rich finish and casual.

It is a mistake to believe that the style of clothing in the Greek style necessarily implies the cropped bodice. Ancient Greek women nee wore close-fitting dresses, and only after marriage with a high waist.

A single word I want to say about wedding dresses in the Greek style. The bride, dressed in a dress – she is Aphrodite emerging from the sea foam. The Greek theme is wedding designers is inexhaustible. Flowing dresses made of thin matter is now ready to compete with the Bridal dresses in style “Princess”.

Shoes in the Greek style

Shoes are an important part of the image. Of course, the clothes in the Greek style requires a special approach to the choice of shoes.

Creating shoes, the Greeks made a priority of its convenience. Looking at a modern interpretation of the Greek Shoe, it becomes apparent that this idea remained. However, despite this the shoes in the Greek style is not without grace.

The main features of shoes in the Greek style – flat sole or a low, barely visible heel and plenty of straps. Sandals – this classic footwear in the Greek style.

Today, designers significantly improved models of shoes in the Greek style. They differ in design, type of mounting, the soles. And for those who can not imagine myself without a high heel, devised models stiletto sandals laced up to his knees. This style is perfectly accentuate graceful form legs.

Hairstyles in Greek style

What other hairstyle can look both romantic and elegant, and combine elegance and practicality? Hairstyles in Greek style and has all these qualities.

There are many variations on the theme of hairstyles in the Greek style, however they all share common features.

For these hairstyles are perfect curly hair as their main theme are curled ringlets. Today, however, it is not difficult to transform straight hair to curly and Vice versa. However, you need to understand that hair should be long or at least medium length otherwise of them difficult to build.

Usually the hairstyles in the Greek style, partially or completely killed, but some of the locks are still released to the outside. Therefore hairstyle can maintain a balance of beauty and comfort: the hair do not climb on the face, but at the same time, the hair provides a chance to appreciate their splendor and beauty.

These hairstyles are very often decorated with hoops or a beautiful barrette. To create hair braided in pigtails, curl inward toward your scalp, tie in the tails, necesitada.

For example, the easiest option hairstyles in the Greek style: lift hair at the sides and secure them with Bobby pins or invisible, like the front tuck, and back gather into a low ponytail.

Accessories in Greek style

It is believed that the accessories in the Greek style should be simple. In principle, the way it is, but simplicity does not equal asceticism. Besides, it all depends on where you’re going and what image is formed.

Greek style is the best fit decorations such as fine necklaces, chains in several rows, long earrings hanging down to his shoulders, a garland of thin bangles. Most importantly – do not overdo it. It is not necessary to uvarivaetsja them like a Christmas tree. As a rule, will be just one detail, as decoration in the Greek style big and noticeable.


Greek style continues to be popular in the evening, and Bridal and everyday fashion. We hope that our article will help you to create the perfect Greek look.