What to do if you have a broken fingernail

Most of the girls dismay some kind of nonsense that happens with them in time. So, if you broke a nail at the most inopportune moment is not only can be painful but also force us to drop everything and make an appointment for the manicurist. It is necessary to select the time and you need a wizard cannot always find the time for you immediately. But this problem does not forget about it for a minute.

There are ways that will help you to hold on to a visit to a professional and not break a nail on.

The damage to the natural nail

Of course, such a nuisance may happen with a normal nail, but most often, broken thin or damaged. Too soft the nail plate are the result of lack of vitamins and minerals. In this case, you need to organize complete nutrition and vitamin-mineral complex.

Nails can break and result in too frequent manicures and improper sawing, after removing nail tips or gel. Rasp them have sapphire crystal or glass nail file in one direction.

Sometimes manicures for damaged cuticle or nail bed and nail plate to grow, it becomes fragile. You will help treatments to strengthen nails — greasing them with the oil of almond, grapeseed or olive. Do the bath with lemon juice, sea salt or few drops of iodine. Use strengthening nail Polish that contains nutrients.

When the nail breaks — scissors to remove the length and sawed its edge. Immediately consult a specialist is not possible, try to repair the damage yourself. Paper or non-woven cloth exists in any house, go up the tea bag, from where you need to cut a small piece. If you have a professional glue used when gluing tips — excellent — if not, suitable and conventional superglue.

A piece of paper towel slightly larger than the value itself, the crack, attach it and drop on top of the glue and carefully straightened and pressed, as tightly as possible. Let the glue dry and cut off the protruding edges. Top apply the varnish, it is desirable to strengthen nails. Now you can apply varnish in the color of your manicure.

In the cabin in case of breakage of the nail you will treat and disinfect the wound and zakleit her silk or acrylic. Then deal a fastening structure. Although crack and will not heal, but gradually it will grow, and it will be painless.

Also, the manicurist can apply a gel manicure and design nails. He glued the damage and strengthen the nail plate itself. In that case, if the broken nail, which you have built up, it also can be fixed at home without a visit to the salon a lot of time.

Breakage of the nail grow lengthen

Damage grow lengthen the nail may be too long delaying the correction procedure, when the artificial nail grows, and shifts the stress zone. This should not be allowed, correction must be done on time. Often break nails have inexperienced wizard that does the job poorly, not respecting the relevant technology. Therefore, it is too cheap price for a nail should you not rejoice, and cheerleaders. However, break and quality made nails or mechanical damage.

In principle, the procedure of fixation of artificial nail is the same as natural. Crack is processed with antiseptic and sealed with silk, the excess tissue is trimmed. On top it is covered with a colourless varnish with vitamins and proteins. A couple of days waiting for entry to the manicurist, you will be able to walk.

If you don’t want every failure to drive to the salon on their own to do so until the next correct you could not to disturb his master. To do this, purchase some professional products that are used in nail salons.

UV oven can be flexibly it is much cheaper than a more powerful used by professionals, but for home use it will suit you perfectly. Just for the solidification of the gel will be spent a little more time.

For repair of nail you will need: a transparent single phase gel, tipareth or guillotine for cutting tips, degreaser, cleanser to remove the sticky layer, and pusher or orange stick, nail hard gel, more soft nail file for sanding the top layer, brush for gel.

First tiparita completely cut off the length of your nail, almost at the root. Orange stick or pusher slide regrown cuticle. Hard nail file will epilite the nail, removing the top layer of the gel, taking care not to break the figure or the line of the French.

Treat the wound with alcohol or disinfectant, then with a degreaser to gel better grappled with the surface of the nail. Then gently apply a layer of gel, not stopping at the cuticle, otherwise there will be air bubbles.

By placing the nail for 2-3 minutes in the oven, wait until solidification of the gel. Apply the following layer, also dry it in the oven. After curing the nail surface acts as a sticky layer, which is removed with a cotton swab dipped in the liquid to remove it.

Look at what happened, and knobby speel nail file. Do not worry that after cutting the surface turns opaque. Or you can again apply a thin layer of gel and dry it in the stove or use a conventional varnish to give Shine to the nail. He’ll be brilliant, and you can go 2-3 weeks.