what to wear With a collar – a simple way to update your wardrobe

Such an unusual accessory, like a collar, is gaining popularity. How to use it correctly, we are shown a world style icon. This Flirty little thing can completely change your appearance and allow you to inexpensively and tricks to update the overexposed dress or blouse.

Website Stylish today will tell you what to wear with a slip collar, not to be outdone by Hollywood celebrities.

What are the overhead collars

False collars appeared long ago, and for several seasons they gradually acquire more and more fame. This accessory won over women’s hearts due to its practicality: it not only serves a decorative function, but also helps to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

So many ladies happy was replaced by a massive choker and necklace false collars.

Today, you can find a variety of options for overhead collars. They are made from textile, leather, fur, lace. Decorate their beads, beads, pearls, rhinestones, sequins, embroidery, braid. They differ in form. So that one and the same dress with different collar slips can everyday to become a cocktail.

Collar: what to wear?

Old things that have long been lying in a cupboard unused, you can give a new life, refreshing them with raised collar.

1. Little black dress maybe even every day miraculously turn into a new – to him go almost any collars. Gorgeous and luxurious it will look if you combine it with silver or gold collar with rhinestones.

Collar of white taffeta will help you to create a look at the charming retro style. Pearl collar will be an unusual interpretation of the classical image, suggesting a combination of a little black dress with a strand of pearls.

2. Strict business attire can be presented in a new way with a textile collar classic shapes.

Experiment with colors, choose bright collars that will contrast with the main color of your suit, and then you will certainly earn among colleagues reputation as a fashion Queen.

3. Various decorative collar can radically transform an evening or cocktail dress. For example, a collar woven of small beads, will add to your image of femininity and romance.

Collar of small pearls highlight the elegance of your Swan neck.

The collar of multi-colored stones resembling a necklace, even a modest dress will make elegant and luxurious.

4. A simple fitted dress a feminine style will be more romantic and more elegant, if you add a collar of lace or sparkles. This decoration will perfectly emphasize the charm of youth.

5. Bright collar necklace, woven chain, and can complement a stylish outfit, suitable for going to a night club. Leather trousers, ankle boots with high heels, black neutral top will go perfectly with this accessory a little rough.

6. With a simple solid color cardigan would look interesting if you combine it with a textile collar, bright contrasting colors or decorated with some kind of print. As a Supplement and can choose jeans, pants, and skirt. This ensemble will help you out in a variety of situations. It is a great practical everyday look.

7. Any surface of the collar has a clasp that allows it to be attached to the neck, and leave out the clothes. And it provides you the opportunity to use a slip collar as a separate accessory by putting it on her bare neck. Many designers showed fashionistas how you can safely and effectively apply it in making their costumes. Put the collar over the top with off-shoulder or bustier under a jacket with V-neck – you will be convinced that he can be quite self-sufficient thing.

Certainly, if you conduct an audit in your wardrobe, you will find a lot of options of what to wear with a slip collar.

This accessory will revive a forgotten thee things. The main thing – imagination and creativity.