what to wear With a leather biker jacket

The jackets were invented about 80 years ago. The last time she was at the peak of popularity in the ‘ 90s. And now the jackets is experiencing another rebirth. Today leather jackets is no longer a symbol of belonging to a community of bikers, metalheads particular subculture. Wear it as students and school girls and women of Mature age. They are found in many different variations – leather, denim, suede, various shades. However, silhouette: Moto jacket is a tapered to the waist short jacket with slash castle.

So today the website a Stylish little Thing decided to tell you what to wear with a leather biker jacket.

What to wear with a leather biker jacket: make good kits

Biker jacket has developed into a multifunctional item of clothing, and the number of sets with her participation is very flexible. So, consider the most spectacular of them.

1. Perhaps the most simple and casual set will be a combination of tapered-leg jeans, light sweaters and jackets. Choose shoes depending on your plans and preferences. On a date you can complement the look with bright shoes. For walking around the city choose comfortable ballet flats, or a more sporty variant of – the sneakers.

Will fit perfectly in this kit and heavy boots with corrugated soles.

2. It would seem, easy short cotton dress with small print – for example, flower or pea – does not fit with the rather rude black leather jackets. However, this ensemble would look good precisely because of its inconsistency. Of shoes suitable sandals or ankle boots.

3. No less impressive it will look complete from knit bodycon dresses and leather jackets. Choose a dress with a sleeve in three quarter or short sleeves and then the jackets will be tightened – it will add a stylish ensemble negligence.

4. Pencil skirt, turtleneck, a black leather jacket and stilettos ensemble elegant, sexy and daring. Besides, in that outfit make you look slimmer. Will be fine for the office.

5. Shorts are rapidly gaining popularity. This comfortable form of clothing is found not only in the summer. Short shorts, tights, high boots and leather jackets – this is a very bold autumn kit. Well, in the warm season you can do without the tights and boots to replace the sandals with high heels.

To afford this outfit can only be the winner of flawless figure.

6. Leggings, long tank top, alcoholic, black leather jackets and moccasins, coarse shoes or sneakers – this is the youth kit. It is very convenient to go to lectures and skipping.

7. Brutal set: strict, slightly flared trousers, shirt, tie and black leather jackets. As a headdress it is possible to wear a man’s hat. This outfit is positioning you as a person of confident, brave and determined.

8. Naughty schoolgirlstrict shirt, pleated skirt, knee socks, ankle boots, black leather jacket and to complete the image of the satchel. This kit can afford even those girls who are already out of school age.

9. The jackets will blend in evening kit. The contrast of graceful cocktail dress with a tough jacket can emphasize with expensive jewelry, elegant shoes or sandals.

10. In General, no one bothers to create jackets that the typical “rock” kit. For this fit the tight leather pants. Another option – ripped jeans. Coarse heavy boots, leather bracelets, t-shirt with some typical symbols and bandana on the head – the required attributes of that image.

Accessorize it with a black manicure and makeup in the style of “Smokey eyes”.

11. Breeches or trousers-Afghani, pullover with decorative rivets and straps and leather jackets will allow you to stand in the way now fashionable in military style.

12. Leather jackets can be combined perfectly with this season’s Maxi skirt. To this ensemble fit flat shoes and a tote.

As you can see, black leather jackets – a very useful garment. A revision of your wardrobe, you certainly will understand what to wear with a leather biker jacket. Just remember: when forming of the image has the value of every detail, so don’t overdo it, know your limits and manage natural aesthetic sense.

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