what to wear With a long skirt in winter fashion tips

Hello, Stylish! Here’s my question: How and what to wear long skirt in winter to not be cold? What kind of outerwear should you choose? Olga.

Dear Olga, I think you understand that a long skirt is quite impractical thing in the winter time, especially if you have to use public transport. And in the car she can easily lose a tidy look. But if parting with a favorite Maxi you don’t want and the alternative is absolutely not acceptable — do not deprive yourself of pleasure and joy, as there are lots of options of how and what to wear with a Maxi skirt in the winter.

Highlight key points

First and foremost you need to determine the focus included: the skirt itself or what you put it on. Remember that floor-length skirt is already quite self-sufficient thing that attracts attention (especially in winter)!

Therefore, only two options:

— solid, sleek cut skirt + top (ornament, texture, unusual cut and color combination),

— and Vice versa.

Ideally, the skirt should be from the “winter” fabrics, silk, chiffon etc. are better left to the warm season of the year! The color also need to be careful – flashy and bright color scheme will be out of place, but the rich fall and winter colors create the right mood in the kit.

As for the length, here there are many opinions! Most stylists agree that the skirt should reach the floor, covering the heel.

But personally, I’m not setting any limits – especially in the winter. 5-6 inches in the negative — it is not a crime (and even provided stunning shoes). The main thing that all was beautiful, thoughtful and stylish!

By the way, the shoes: high heel in the winter is hazardous, and uncomfortable (although there is up to you to decide). Therefore, I recommend a flat course! This can be boots and shoes, boots with a high shaft.

Low wedge heel and a wide stable heel cm 5-6! More adventurous ladies can try rough shoes in the biker and military styles.

But with the top and outerwear it’s much more interesting and varied! It all depends on the occasion on which you decided to wear a Maxi skirt.

With a shirt or a blouse under her long jacket image will be more formal.


With the turtleneck sweater and the same jacket will have a more intimate casual look.


It is also very warm and cozy images are obtained with bulky sweaters and fur vests wearing over blouses, turtlenecks and denim shirts!


Sweaters can be large interesting mating or simple, but winning at the expense of ornamentation, color or texture!



Very interesting images you can create with switchtime (hoodies) or as before they were called raglans.


It is now quite popular, practical and stylish element of the wardrobe, especially in winter! It has a boxy cut and sewn from a tight-knit, insulated from the inside.


Solid Maxi skirt and a bright t-shirt, made in the technique of patchwork, will create a relevant and playful way.


And finally, top — then I put a minus sports jackets and down jackets! Only a subtle sense of style and the ability to combine incongruous things can help you to connect the Maxi and jacket!

I vote in favor of a variety of coats and sheepskin coats! As well as fur capes and insulated poncho. Long and silhouette, you can experiment as your heart desires, as long as everything looks harmonious and certainly you went!

Cozy and warm winter to you and your long skirt.