what to wear With a long skirt

2012 saw a real Maxi-boom. It seems that only the lazy designer has not released a collection with a long skirt in the title role. Women happy to have picked up this fashion trend. Skirts is very feminine, stylish and sexy. Moreover, it is also a great way to disguise many figure flaws. But whether we are unaccustomed to this style, whether he really is very specific.

Anyway, many women, get trendy new clothes, I realized that I do not know how and, more importantly, what to wear with a long skirt. Website Stylish in a hurry to help you in creating a stylish and harmonious set.

How and what to wear with long skirt

We select the top

Let’s start with the General and most important rules of selection the top to the skirt. If you chose a lush, flowing skirt, the top of your clothing should be fairly succinct and tight. Well, strict slim skirt requires a more voluminous top.

Options top is suitable for the long skirt, there is a great variety. All depends on the style of the image to which you aspire.

The floor-length skirt relaxed fit in the business casual dress code. Long skirt calm colors straight cut would work well combined with a free business blouse and fitted short jacket.

Easy skirt pleated very harmoniously looks complete with denim jackets and colored top.

Fashionable casual style requires to complement the skirt to the floor fur or leather vest.

A Maxi skirt can be combined with a blazer, loose-knit sweater, turtleneck. Outer clothes should fit cropped jacket, short coat, short coats.

Most importantly – attention to detail, the ensemble should be maintained in a single concept.

Select shoes

Good news for those girls who are not “friends” with pins: long skirt look best flat shoes. It may be flats, sandals, flip-flops – in General, anything. Despite the lack of heels, you would look in long skirt is tall and slim.

However, if you still want to add growth, you’ll look good in wedges. The office will also be quite appropriate concise pumps low heel.

Select accessories

The most important accessory that must be included with skirt to the floor is, of course, the belt. Feature of long skirts is that it distracts the eye from the legs and switches the attention to the waist area. So, there is a bright, noticeable belts. They can be made from leather, suede, fabric, have stylish big buckle or be decorated with ornaments, crystals, etc.

Most importantly – this accessory should be evident.

When choosing the bag, discard too large models. A small elegant handbag will complement your feminine look.

The selection of other accessories depends entirely on your imagination. Depending on the style of your set of long skirt is in harmony with scarves, large wooden or leather ethnic style jewelry, glasses, beads, metal jewelry, natural stones, etc.

To whom will the long skirt?

The beauty of this model is its exceptional versatility. Picking the right style, using a skirt can be decorated to almost any figure.

The combination of strict tight-fitting skirt of dark color and a voluminous top will help to balance the disproportions of figures like “pear”.

Owners figure type “hourglass” with a long skirt to emphasize the delicate waist.

Too escalatie ladies can give thanks to lush pleated skirt more feminine roundness to her figure.

In the end, a long skirt can help hide imperfect leg shape.

If you are not going to give up showcasing their slender legs, you can choose the cut of the skirt to the floor, providing deep side slits. Exposing your feet when walking, they will excite men’s imagination much more than a mini-skirt.

I hope now you understand how and what to wear with a long skirt. Look for exactly your style, don’t be afraid of experiments – sure, very soon, you will love this in all respects a useful model for the skirt.