what to wear With blue dress

The color blue clothing people prefer restrained, intelligent, balanced, independent. Often love for this color characteristic of persons, self-absorbed. Blue has a powerful energy. And the variety of shades makes it almost universal.

Today the site Stylish Chick wants to talk about this piece of clothes as a blue dress. Thanks to it you will be the center of attention. If you want people to appreciate your good taste and sense of style, take note of our tips on what to wear with blue dress.


Learn to make a harmonious ensembles with the dress blue

A timeless classic

Blue dress of any shade is perfectly safe to combine with accessories in black or white.

Blue sheath dress, with a black cardigan and black pumps is a traditional office set. For work it is better to choose dress of deep dark blue – it will look less severely than a black sheath dress, but it is expensive and quite business-like.

White jacket and white pumps, a complementary blue dress, can also be a great office set, however this option would be more elegant and cheerful.

It is the same dress in the evening turns into a cocktail, it is appropriate for informal events, you can remove the jacket, and adorn themselves with accessories made of pearls.

In General, a combination of blue and white associated with clouds floating in the azure sky, so it is perceived by most people is very positive. Blue beach dress can be complemented with a white wide-brimmed hat and white big bag – this set will surely appeal to lovers of nautical style.

Blue fitted dress with full flared skirt, made in a retro style, is a wonderful way to combined with thin white strap and white sandals or shoes.

Long blue sundress, white sandals, white ribbon defines the waist, or tied under the bust in this dress you will look romantic and feminine.

So feel free to mix and match your blue dress with black and white.

Brilliant look!

If you chose a blue dress for a hike to the disco, friend’s wedding, corporate event or Banquet is, without a doubt can combine it with both silver and gold jewelry. They will add a blue dress of luxury and glamour.

For example, the blue mini dress add silver sandals and a garland of thin silver bracelets on her arm. A young girl with a good figure in this dress you will be the Queen of disco.

Sheath dress, blue color will look elegant and festive, if you combine it with a gold necklace, gold shoes and a small clutch.

Noble combination

Brown and all its shades combined with the blue dress gives it a restrained nobility and elegance.

Boldly wear with a blue dress beige shoes on bare legs or with tights.

Hollywood celebrities have successfully practiced this technique to legs looked longer and slimmer.

If you chose a dress or a sundress denim, they will most certainly be combined with wooden or brown leather accessories.

Will complement a blue dress leather jackets brown suede.

Well, a brown or beige jacket will make a stylish office set together with a blue sheath dress.

For the brave

Blue dress is quite self-sufficient thing. Therefore it looks best with accessories in neutral colors. However, some fashionistas are not afraid to combine these types of dresses with yellow, red and green.

Madness of the brave we sing an appropriate song and applaud these brave women.

However, the ability to combine contrasting colors – it’s aerobatics, and not everyone is able to skillfully present such stylistic decisions. There needs to be a flawless natural intuition and a rare sense of proportion.

It is necessary to prevent a mistake in the choice of shades or to disrupt their balance and the outfit will look bright and exciting as you had planned, but gaudy and vulgar.

Stylish hopes that now, knowing what to wear with blue dress, you will find good use to this article of clothing and turn it into a powerful weapon of beauty, hitting right on target.