what to wear With dresses Safari, and where are they appropriate?

Safari style in clothes skillfully combines practicality, functionality and special aesthetic. As with all things, borrowed from the male wardrobe, dress in the style of Safari only further emphasize the elegance, grace and fragility of the female figure. Well, loose-fitting some kind of negligence silhouette and plenty of decorative elements typical of these models, help them conceal any imperfections and correct body proportions.

Knowing what to wear-dress Safari, you can find the widest application. In some of the subtleties of its operation today, you will devote a Stylish little Thing.

The use of dress Safari

The Safari style was created for hunters, travelers, explorers who plied the vastness of the tropical countries. And this determined its main features are: practical, non-staining hues; the abundance of pockets to have everything you need; a natural fabric that allows the body to ‘breathe’; comfortable silhouette does not restrict movement.

And thus the aesthetic side was given minimum attention.

However, over time, designers realized that if you make small adjustments, keeping the basic concept of this style, it will have the success and demand in various spheres of life. So there was the so-called urban Safari.

Well, today Safari dress will be appropriate not only for the country tours or a walk in the Park. It can be worn in the office, on a date, and to the party. The main thing – correctly to pick up to it accessories and accents.

Going in a Safari dress….

On the job. In the summer, when the office was unbearably hot, but the dress code due to weather anomaly, no one is not going to cancel, dress-Safari can be a great asset. I advise you to pay attention to the model light shades – such as pale beige, cream, sand.

Mandatory requirement for the dress length of skirt at least mid-knee length. Sleeve of three quarters. An indispensable addition leather strap. This should be a quite elegant model of the belt – without the heavy rough of the hardware. Transparent stocking density 20 den – a mandatory attribute of office decor.

Sandals in the office is not the place. So the shoes in beige, black or brown classic boats. Can select on a small platform in the foot will be more comfortable.

The most appropriate accessory will be a bright neckerchief. Bag – the color of the shoes, at the elbow, classic, minimal detailing.

— To the party. Dress-Safari can be safely combined with leopard print – it will only emphasize the style of the image. This bright, slightly aggressive drawing is better suited for incendiary parties.

Just keep in mind that it should not be much: let it be submitted in only one of the things that make up your band. This can be a handbag, ballet flats, bracelet, watch strap, rim on the glasses, headband – just not all at once.

On a date. Try to impress its fan dress the Safari length to mid-calf or below. The long skirt is intrigue, so your new relationship will be much more likely to continue. Bright strap contrast color traditionally. It is best with such dresses will look great sandals.

As shoes with a low wedge heel. Of recommended accessories scarves, bright beads or massive bracelets, long earrings.

For a walk. One of the interesting solutions are the tunic dresses in the style of Safari. They are characterized short sleeves, or a complete lack thereof, and a boxy fit – i.e., the silhouette is not fitted. And this makes them perfect for walking in summer city or travel on the tour.

Bag laptop in addition to this dress will not cramp your movements. The most comfortable shoes – strappy sandals without a heel is better suited for long walks. And to head is not baked, put on her kerchief.

Quite often these dresses were decorated with bright drawings – these models are completely self-sufficient and do not require additional decorations.

Dress in the style of Safari were and still are the choice of millions of women around the world. We gave examples of the most standard variants of ensembles. In fact, they can come up with a great many, most importantly – imagination.

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