what to wear With leather dress

The new season was marked by increased interest of designers to the leather things. However, this material never loses its relevance due to its practicality. What do you say about this piece of clothing as leather dress? This outfit carries a certain challenge and healthy aggression, but also enables you to look very sexy.

Today the site is a Stylish little Thing with more detail talk to you about what to wear with leather dress, that style does not go into vulgarity.

Leather dress: looking for a good use

What would you do if you were combining leather dress, everyone’s attention you provide. So try to make this attention has been negative.

1. A variation on a classic theme. A fitted leather dress is the type with a flared draped hem knee-length (plus or minus a hand) looks simultaneously elegant, simple, but not boring. Such a dress can be a worthy alternative to the classic dress. So if bodycon dresses and such models induce you melancholy, put variety in a classic way, replacing textiles with leather.

However, all other attributes of this style should be preserved: pumps, string of pearls, elegant clutch bag is the best company to solid leather dress laconic style.

2. The retro trend of the season. Thus, you have the opportunity to combine in one the two popular trends in the fashion industry. Now in favor with designers leather dresses in pastel tones – such as beige, pink, peach.

Such dresses straight silhouette, sleeveless and length just above the knee complete with stylish sandals or shoes with heels and small platform, a small purse on a thin strap and the necessary large sunglasses will help you to create an image in the style of the 70s. the Impression of increase tied head scarf and a long thread of beads.

3. The embodiment of sensuality. Warning: this outfit can only afford holders of a flawless figure. Look how boldly used in the leather dress of the Hollywood star. And if you think that you are not worse, feel free to wear tight, like snake skin dress with long sleeves. This outfit requires discreet accessories, as in itself is a major component of the ensemble. Boats a concise and elegant clutch will be enough.

This dress fit a strict hairstyle – French pleat or a bun: it will put out a Frank eroticism of the image. Of jewelry will have enough earrings or bracelets or necklaces, or pendants that dress does not require.

Bear in mind: it is advisable to choose a dress classic black. Leather bodycon dress, firstly, draws attention to every crease of the body and can add volume to even the place that this volume has never been. And secondly, wearing a dress of this style made in more saturated colors, you risk to cross the thin line between sexuality and vulgarity.

4. The style of the predator. Leather dress can be perfectly combined with accessories made in leopard colors. Dress brown, beige or black color may be added, for example, a leopard bag or shoes.

But bear in mind: all other parts of the ensemble should be very brief and discreet, because by itself this way – this is quite a serious challenge.

5. Compromise. Today, you can find a lot of options of dresses which masterfully combine the skin and, for example, fur, guipure inserts and other decorative elements. Such models will help you cleverly hide some figure flaws, while retaining the basic concept of leather clothing.

What to wear with leather dress, which is made by such combinations? In this case we are talking accessories a categorical “no”. Extremely simple shoes and bag – here’s everything you need this model. Do not overload the image for more details.

So, if you doubt the expediency of this purchase, because I don’t know what to wear with leather dress, drop all the arguments against. This model for sure will not lie in your closet.

The most important thing is to choose the style of dress that perfectly matches the features of your figure.

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