what to wear With leather pants: tips fashionable women

Leather pants is a very daring thing, and not every woman dares to wear it. For many of us they are a symbol of belonging to a certain subculture – for example, the movement of bikers. If you have the same opinion, the site is Stylish in a hurry to assure you that this attitude is outdated. Today, leather pants have the same right to a worthy place in the wardrobe of the average woman, like every other thing. And despite the fact that fashion is changeable, designers and fashion designers in their collections are very often returned to the subject of leather pants. If you don’t know what to wear with leather pants, and don’t buy them for this reason, today’s material is for you.

What to wear with leather pants: collection of ideas

Fashion designers offer modern fashionistas new interpretations of the idea of leather trousers. Today, if you wish you can find leather drainpipe trousers, tight like leggings, loose, bananas – in General, styles for every taste.

Can not but rejoice and color a variety of patterns – from classic black to acid screaming colors.

Deciding what to wear leather pants, you need to take into account the color and cut of the pants, and the format of the event, and characteristics of the body.

Cozy kit. Leather goods by themselves look quite rough and are a challenge. But if you complement pants warm mohair jumper, turtleneck-noodles or poncho, you will play on the contrast: two different kinds of material mutually cancel each other and the set as a whole will look very welcoming. The quality of the Shoe will suit ankle boots.

In this dress you can go to meet with friends, and a walk, and a visit is a great casual option.

— Feminine ensemble. Combining leather pants with an airy, lightweight blouse you again create an interesting effect by combining incompatible. This outfit will look feminine but at the same time bold and sexy. Best complement a simple classic pumps.

— Evening option. Replacing in the same set romantic style blouse bright dressy top, you will form a gorgeous ensemble for parties, cocktail party or disco. Supple look with bright makeup and manicure and jewelry.

— Casual. Leather pants straight cut in black color will go perfectly with a cropped jacket. Wear under a jacket, neutral blouse, simple put the shoes on average heel, and your outfit could pass for the business kit, if you are not too conservative corporate culture.

— Street Style. Leather and denim look good together. Wear with leather pants bright tight t-shirt and a denim jacket, obuy comfortable loafers or sneakers – and go to that outfit on the tour, an outing with friends in the Park, shopping.

— Total look. Say at once: this option is for girls brave. Some designers actively suggest to wear leather pants with leather top with a trench or jacket. However, keep in mind that in this set you’ll definitely be the center of attention. Are you ready for this? Then go ahead!

— Luxuriously. Leather itself is a material and not cheap quality. The combination of leather with fur looks expensive twice. The ensemble of leather pants, turtleneck, fur vest and suede boots, looks rich, but not garish.

Fine negligence. Narrow, almost tight leather pants plus a t-shirt-alcoholic, plus short tops – all this will look unassuming, but with charm. If your kit did not look too athletic, choose velvet sweatshirt – may be decorated with embroidery or rhinestones, and put the shoes on heels.

Greedily. This kit is again for those who believe that modesty is the best policy only when no other decorations. The combination of leather pants with a trench with leopard print will provide increased attention to your person. However, keep in mind that the pants should be black. And limit yourself in accessories. This outfit worthy of a true predator.

Deciding what to wear with leather pants, remember that by themselves, they play the first violin in the ensemble. So try to choose them as neutral as possible “the company”, especially if you are not confident in the integrity of its sense of style.

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