what to wear With leather shorts – secrets of the skilful provocation

Leather things you will always look noticeable and will not get lost in the crowd. Especially when it comes to such vivid details of clothing, such as leather shorts. Is it possible to imagine a more sexy garment? To wear leather shorts dare not every woman, and not everywhere they are appropriate. Need to know what to wear with leather shorts, and to be able to feel the specifics of the requirements that they impose to the image as a whole.

Today, the website Stylish Stuff will give you some tips on their operation.

What to wear with leather shorts: top ten ideas

Leather shorts is a very bright and even a little aggressive piece wardrobe. Therefore, the remaining components of the ensemble needs to put out this aggression.

Celebrities showed us how perfectly and gracefully and can look leather shorts combined with a classic cropped jackets. A relaxed blouse in a neutral color or with a subtle print will make the image even more calm and balanced. Will not spoil it and a chain with some interesting pendant.

As shoes recommended something toned down – for example, sleek pumps or ankle boots.

The jacket can be fitted, and direct, in the style of “boyfriend”. In any case, he minimizes the severity of your sexy shorts.

Leather shorts and a simple white t-shirt-alcoholic – ensemble, designed with deliberate negligence. It will complement, for example, high boots with corrugated soles or boots without a heel.

As a stylish accessory recommend leather cap. Can be hung on the neck of the heavy chain with a large pendant.

Dress in biker – style leather shorts, leather jacket, suede ankle boots and a simple white shirt with long sleeves. This ensemble ideal for parties, discos, and will certainly taste a daring and exciting young girl.

The combination of leather shorts with free simple blazers is also very popular. Better to choose plain blazer, designed in soothing colors. Classic black boots is the most suitable option of shoes.

This outfit will make interesting accessories – for example, a large pendant or a bright scarf, bold earrings.

The combination of leather shorts with denim shirt is a pretty bold admission. But he has a right to exist and received the approval of stylists. The main thing – do not overdo it with accessories.

Of shoes suitable sneakers, boots, sandals on a platform. This image will perfectly fit a large wrist watch.

Will not prevent some non-standard ring.

Soft long cardigan, designed in soothing tones, length mid-thigh, fully covering the back of the shorts, will help to create a casual look, suitable for going out for a walk, meeting friends, etc. Under it, put on a simple top or shirt. Pick up a bulk bag without a hard skeleton. Of shoes suitable summer boots, ballet flats, moccasins.

Unusual, but will look very harmonious leather shorts with a long jacket of some delicate pastel shade – for example, peach, pink. Pick up dress classic pumps and a bag with no frills. Under the jacket will go t-shirt or blouse.

Simple plaid sleeveless shirt in combination with leather shorts looks much more elegant.

that way, if you combine it with sandals-gladiators and elegant clutch or little bag on the strap, can be a great option for a date or evening out in the light. It is stylish jewelry.

Leather shorts and sleek turtleneck is a practical ensemble. Wear under shorts tights. Obuy classic boots. As accessory we recommend you a bright scarf. Well, perfect outwear simple slim coat length to mid-thigh.

Brave ladies can wear leather shorts with stockings. The quality of the Shoe will suit ankle boots on a heavy platform. The top should be as humble and simple, because in General, the ensemble looks very tacky.

If you know what to wear with leather shorts, you can turn this garment into one of the basic things of your wardrobe.

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