what to wear With leopard print bag: fashion tips

Leopard print is eternal trend. Predatory leopard print never goes out of fashion. She is absolutely everything. However, its main purpose is to attract views. Therefore, adding this drawing to your ensemble, you need to be sure that it is ready for the spotlight.

If you wear, say, a leopard print dress or pants you have not yet have the courage, start small – for example, leopard print bags. This stylish accessory can make your look chic and add you sexuality, while remaining unobtrusive. But only if you know what to wear with leopard bag, and are able to skillfully pick up the remaining components of the kit. But if not, take some tips from Stylish.

What not to wear leopard print bag

Leopard print bag is a thing that has a fairly wide range of applications, despite its apparent specificity.

Let’s first discuss what this accessory is better not to combine.

Leopard clothing. If you wear a skirt (dress, pants, blouse) with a leopard print and will complement your outfit the same bag, it will be overkill. Clothing, adorned with the same picture, it requires a calm plain accessories.

With leopard shoes. Shoes and bag – this is a very significant accessories that seriously affect your image as a whole. The rule that shoes and bag should match in color, has long been canceled. So Stylish widget puts the resolution to this ensemble: again too much!

With any other print. Yes, some Hollywood celebrities indulge in the combination of different patterns on their clothes. But we would recommend you to refrain from such experiments. Especially tasteless are the combination of leopard prints in different shapes or made up of different color pairs.

With sportswear. It is difficult to imagine a bag of sports type with a leopard print.

It is unlikely that any designer would such an unhealthy idea. Leopard print is always chic, elegant, eroticism, glamour, bitchiness, call… with the sport he’s not particularly fit.

Good decisions with the participation of leopard print bags

Well, in General leopard bag opens up vast expanses for the realization of your fantasies. It all depends on what kind of handbag you prefer. We will throw you a few examples of how to apply the leopard print bag in their wardrobe.

To work. Yes leopard print may be appropriate in the office. For work fit roomy bag where you placed the folder with the documents of A4 format. If you feel uncomfortable in the office with this big leopard bag, look at the models of bags, which represented only insert leopard colours – they look less garish. However, going to negotiate or in the office with such a bag, the choice of clothing should be treated carefully.

Your outfit should be plain. Brown or black business suit – that’s the perfect solution. Shoes – also very brief, similar colors. In the office, inappropriate garish makeup. Choose make-up brown and beige soothing colors.

On the feast. Small leopard print clutch bag is the perfect addition to luxury evening or cocktail dress. Beige, black, brown dresses – a win-win. But if you feel confident enough, then bear in mind that the leopard print bag would look great as a complement to the red dress.

Shoes choose not the color, but the texture of the bags. If you chose a lacquered leopard print clutch, and shoes better Shoe patent leather. Can afford more saturated colors in makeup is black, brown, beige, gold. Red lipstick is the perfect complement to the image.

Be sure to get a manicure in the color of the lipstick and you’ll be unparalleled.

Every day. Leopard print bag can be a wonderful addition to your daily look. It is suitable for denim, whether jeans, dress, skirt, shorts or dress. Shoes suit and loafers, and ballet flats, and pumps, and boots. Additional ensemble bright plain top and can go to a party and at the disco, and shopping, and a meeting with my friends.

As you can see, there are many options on what to wear with leopard print bag. This bright accessory will surely occupy a worthy place in your wardrobe.