what to wear With leopard print dress, not to pass tasteless

Not every girl will dare to wear a leopard print dress. Because it carries a challenge and a priori puts you at the center of everyone’s attention. But Stylish sure you have a strong personality, and envious glances you did not scare.

Well, no one had even the shadow of a doubt that you are the owner of good taste, take advantage of our tips on what to wear with leopard print dress.

Golden rules for the use of leopard print dresses in the wardrobe

If you dare to buy leopard print dresses, read, remember, and write down the best and put it on the mirror rules that you must follow, putting on it:

1. With such a dress you can’t try to combine other drawings! Even if we are talking about leopard accessories. No, not so: especially if we are talking about leopard accessories.

The excess of animal print looks defiantly and tasteless. All other parts of your ensemble needs to be solid.

2. Leopard dress can not tolerate side cheap accessories. To begin with, that it must by definition be of good quality and is made from a precious fabric.

Hung cheap Chinese trinkets in gold, taking an oilcloth bag, you’ll look like a girl of easy virtue, is experiencing not the best times.

Even tights can’t save if you wear a spotty dress.

3. In the ensemble, in which the main role is played leopard dress, everything else should be in moderation. The more details, the more overloaded and heavy becomes.

4. You need to be aware that leopard print dress is not for every day. So, be it in the office, in the exam business – extremely imprudent.

It is undesirable to immediately stun a new fan, coming to the first date in such a bright outfit: in the best case it will be suppressed, your energy in the worst – decide you’re available.

A good color combinations

The most secure is a combination of leopard print dress with accessories of black. Black – neutral, so it will balance the aggressive animal print.

No less successful is a combination of dresses with details of beige and different shades of brown.

Grey also his restraint will dampen the effect of the leopard dress.

Combination dresses under leopard with red color is very bold. However, it looks like this Union is really outside the box, clearly and effectively.

It should be noted that the classic combination of colors characteristic leopard print, i.e. black is not the only option.

If you chose a different color – for example black spots on a bright pink background, or dark blue on the pale blue – at least one accessory in your outfit needs to repeat the base color.

Main principles of formation of the ensemble

Now let’s briefly go over the key components of any ensemble, which reigns leopard print dress.

  • Shoes should choose black, beige or brown. If we are talking about classic colors, it is red. Gray-black leopard will look great with grey shoes.
  • Tights – plain. No grids, drawings, etc.!
  • Leopard dress goes well with the gold. Don’t uvarivaetsja them, it’s like being a Gypsy.

Some styles of leopard print dresses are quite suitable decoration of wood or leather.

Makeup plays a very important role. If you’re planning an evening out in the light, you recommended makeup in the style of “Smokey eyes”. Can perform it with a grey-black or Golden-brown shadow to your taste.

Leopard dress would look great make-up, in which the main emphasis falls on the lips.

Sexy, alluring, seductive lips, painted bright red lipstick will add to your image color.

Eye makeup in this case should be limited to mascara and neat cat with arrows.

For manicure choose black, red, maroon, or restrict manicure style nude.

Most importantly, the leopard print dress is not eclipsed you. And for this we must give attention to choosing the style and preparation of the ensemble, and maintain a sense of psychological comfort in this image.

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