what to wear With short dress

Short dresses is the strongest weapon of seduction that can how to beat precisely in the purpose, and to work for a mass lesion, according to your wishes. A rare man doesn’t lose his head at the sight of slender female legs. Well, the dress is the epitome of feminine clothing. Thus, mini dresses allow you to literally manipulate the minds of men.

Today, the website Stylish Stuff will tell you what to wear with a short dress, to use his power as efficiently as possible and not to waste it in vain.


What to wear with short dresses: a selection of the best ideas

There is a huge variety of models from mini-dresses. The most important thing is to choose the one that will best emphasize the advantages of your figure. Stylish cautions: appetizing pisechka short dresses are contraindicated because they make the body more bulky.

1. Well, very little black dress. The inventor of the little black dress Coco Chanel provided him the length just below the knee, because he believed that this part of the female body is not attractive. However, not all agree with the greatest person in the history of fashion. Petite black dress highlight the elegance and delicate curves of the female silhouette. If you want to appear in front of others in the image of the fragile porcelain dolls, feel free to wear that dress.

All other details of the image can choose in accordance with the best traditions of Chanel: the string of pearls, black shoes, clutch and jacket will allow you to combine in one ensemble for a sophisticated eroticism and rigor.

2. Dresses in the style of baby-doll. Without exception, all variations of this dress is short. They give the image a touching childishness and charm. Of course, to wear such dresses only up to a certain age level. Perfect shoes for this dress – dressy strappy sandals. Such dresses really are the pendants and bracelets.

As outerwear, you can choose openwork knit Bolero.

3. A compromise. Tunic dresses and sweaters are always popular and in high demand. They allow you to look elegant and emphasize femininity of the figure. Tunic mostly done in variations of the mini. Not every girl will dare to wear this kind of dress just with tights. Alternatively fit skinny jeans, tights or leggings – this outfit will help you to strike a balance between sexuality, femininity and practicality. You don’t have to worry about what dress will ride up at the most inopportune moment. Besides, this is perfect for a cold winter or off season when wearing a mini is unhealthy and dangerous.

Shoes fit boots, ankle boots or closed shoes.

4. Modest and tasteful. Of course, the length of the mini – not the best solution for the office. However, if your boss just loyal, he is unlikely to be against the fact that the young employee show up for work in a dress above the knees. Don’t overdo it. First, the style and color of dresses must be correct. Ideal – sheath dress in black, brown, beige or gray. Secondly, it is desirable that its length was on a palm above the knee, but no more.

Under this kind of dress can safely wear a turtleneck or a blouse. Oh and don’t forget tights are a mandatory part of the office dress code. Classic pumps will complete the look. For cooler weather can also choose a cropped jacket or a knitted cardigan.

5. Summer variant. Of course, the warm season is the ideal period for short dresses. Simple short dresses made of cotton are best combined with vivid jewelry and large bags of textile. Shoes fit Greek sandals, bows sandals or rope wedges.

6. Beach style. White beach dresses are very romantic and charming. Well, the short option allows you to showcase beautiful tan. For this kind of dresses ideal company will be large beach bags, wide-brimmed hats and sandals. The same style dresses can be easily inscribed in a sporty look, complemented by appropriate sandals straps and flat shoes and semi-sports model bags.

Any bright accessory in a marine style perfectly accentuate the overall style of the image.

Deciding what to wear with a short dress, try not to overdo it with sexuality. Short skirt in combination with catchy accessories, bare shoulders, plunging necklines and high heels – it’s overkill.