What to wear with skinny jeans

Jeans is a universal clothing. In every girl’s wardrobe, they are not in a single instance. Another would be: because they can go to the feast, and in the world, and good people. The main thing – to choose the right model and suitable to design your image. And on the market range allows you to choose a style of jeans for any body type. Skinny called skinny jeans, very loved by modern girls is one of the most popular models.

In this article, the website Stylish Stuff will tell you what to wear with skinny jeans, so you could choose the option in each case and in any situation look amazing.

A bit of theory…

The name of this model of jeans comes from the English word “skin” meaning the skin. Indeed, they are so snugly on the body and fit the silhouette that give the impression of a second skin. However, despite the fact that this model, it would seem, leaves no room for imagination, it does not mean that it is suitable exclusively young and look so thin. It all depends on what to wear with skinny jeans. What can they wear? Yes, almost anything!

What to wear with skinny jeans: ready ideas

— Unisex style: jeans + shirt. Indeed, the combination of jeans and shirt probably the most traditional. You can borrow a shirt from the wardrobe of his friend, or to buy the benefit that variations on this theme in the stores a lot. Shirt may be plaid, and white and any other colors.

You can select the free model or fitted, long or short sleeves. Plaid shirt + jeans + tied a scarf around his neck + rough leather belt and you’re dressed in cowboy style.

As shoes you can choose loafers, ballet flats, ankle boots with pointed toes and a ankle “accordion”. Did the image of a large semi-sports bag.


— A moderate military. This area is not for everybody. Clearly it can be attributed to youth trends. Military style allows only neutral colors – grey, green, brown, blue. Skinny is supposed to combine with shirts, tops and t-shirts of similar colors, decorated with thematic drawings, inscriptions, stripes, studs.

Very well within this concept look skinny jeans with big pockets at the hips. The image is accompanied by the appropriate jackets and vests with pockets, metallic inserts, sometimes with slender shoulder straps and other attributes of military subjects.

Shoes provides on the rough sole of usually the boots, which jeans are made, or a La men’s lace-up boots. Did the rude way a wide belt with rivets and a large wristwatch – now you’re prepared!

Sports minimalism. If you are close in spirit to the sporty style, like dress up in America, and at the angle you first of all put the comfort this way for you. It fit faded denim jeans, models with artificial fading, made of light fabric products. Combine these options with t-shirts, t-shirts and tops.

Very stylish look of the combination of jeans with a layered top. For example, put on top of the shirt shirt and sloppy tie her on her stomach in a knot. Or pick a shirt with double sleeves – faux. If the street is not hot, as a top you can use a hoodie. Put on a head a baseball cap, or gather hair into a low ponytail.

Shoes – loafers, sneakers, running shoes (not the ones suitable for Jogging or gym – don’t overdo it with the reliability of the image). Bag – sports model or a backpack. This style promotes flexibility, convenience and ease.

Business casual. If you have in the office on Friday announced the democratic form of clothing, but you still have an important business meeting, then this style is for you. Choose dark skinny jeans monochromatic colors.

Combine them with a classic business jacket and blouse. Combined with the pumps with high heels make you look feminine at the same time, but also moderately conservative.

If you want to dilute your image, you can instead simply blouse to wear under a jacket, turtleneck, contrasting with color, or a beautiful cardigan Manchego type – only zip up the jacket.

The embodiment of femininity. The most elegant option – a combination of jeans with a light airy tunic. Choose plain jeans and combine them with a colorful top. The tunic can be long or short – depends on your figure. It is free to fall through your body, and if you want to put the emphasis on the waist with a thin strap.

Can choose long sleeves, three quarters or with thin straps. Looks great ethnic coloration top. Decorate the hands with bracelets. Hang at the elbow of the small bright purse or take the original clutch.


As a Shoe perfectly suited to delicate ballet flats, embellished with lace, rhinestones, sequins, or lace-up high heel or wedges. The Queen can go out and party, and disco, and not too formal social occasion.

Stylish daily. This image is designed for those who want to maintain a balance between comfort, elegance and femininity. It is both cozy and elegant. Involves a combination of jeans monochromatic colors with turtlenecks, jackets, long knitted cardigans.

You can endlessly experiment, combining together the different colors and styles. Fit perfectly into the format of this style vests – especially now that they are at the height of fashion.

Wear such as a blouse under a fur vest – you can pull yourself in the waist with a thin strap in the color.

Within this style fits almost any footwear – flats, pumps, and heels, and wedge shoes, ankle boots, and boots. As long as it in harmony with the General concept of the outfit.

I hope that after reading our article, the question of what to wear with skinny jeansfor you anymore. Modeled different combinations according to your taste, find your style, enjoy the comfort given to us fashion designers thanks to “second skin”.

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