what to wear With skinny pants: fashion tips

Women fairly quickly appreciated the sexiness and functionality of such an article of clothing, like skinny pants. This style allows you to showcase long, slender legs and curvy hips, is appropriate at events of various formats and it does not cause any discomfort to the owner. However, the question of what to wear with skinny pants, often puts women at an impasse.

Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you about what it is best to combine the clothes to get a really spectacular sets.


What to wear with skinny pants: a good decision

Office style

Skinny pants can become a part of business attire, and absolutely will not look defiantly. Combine tight pants made of wool, tweed or heavy cotton jacket, turtlenecks, classic office blouses and shirts. If you choose the model of trousers, your legs will visually appear longer and figure slimmer. This set perfectly with simple pumps medium heel or wedge.

Jacket choose depending on the features of your figure. With tight trousers will look great and fitted jackets, blazers and masculine tailoring, cropped and long.


Skinny pants can resemble in its design and cut tights. Typically, these semi-sports models are made with added elastane. In these pants, nothing will hamper your movements.

To combine them depending on the weather with t-shirts, big knitted sweaters, cardigans, jackets-the black leather jackets, sweatshirts and many other things.

As shoes such sets are recommended shoes, sneakers, boots, loafers or sports shoes.

Romantic style

Pants absolutely does not hurt you to look feminine. Simple enough to complement a light, airy tunic and appropriate occasion accessories. This set will accentuate your graceful figure and allow you to demonstrate slender legs.

Pants can also be combined with dressy blouses, decorated with frill or lace, dresses, jackets, tops.

To further emphasize the femininity and romance to your outfit, put on some heels or wedges. Fit and decorated sandals.


Leather skinny pants are a definite challenge. That is very hot and sexy. To afford such a model can only holders of superior figures.

Leather skinny pants especially will look spectacular combined with suede ankle boots and suede the same jacket.

Brilliant look!

If you’re not afraid to be the center of attention, recommend you to acquire shiny tight pants, shimmering gold or silver. This is a great option for discos or parties.

But remember: glitter has a tendency to aggravate both advantages and disadvantages. So before you put on this model, honestly answer yourself: does your figure to appear in public in such an obvious outfit?

As a complement to shiny pants fit plain calm top and shoes with minimal decor, because such pants are themselves key in your outfit, so require calm, “the company”.

Kit from mods

Very interesting look skinny pants in plaid or stripes. Creating a kit, remember that these pants are not combinable with other print – they can only be amended one-color clothing.

Your outfit should not be too colorful and multicolor.

Options kits, as you can see, a lot. So, choosing what to wear with skinny pants, lean primarily on your taste and sense of style, well, on our advice, of course.

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