what to wear With tall boots: a good decision

High boots is a great choice for residents of the big city. They combine elegance, practicality and comfort. They can be a variety of casual or “exit”, below the knees or botfort heels or flat shoes. Each woman selects a model by itself. However, after purchasing this Shoe instantly the question arises: what to wear with high boots? In General, it is logical that this question has arisen before purchase. However, regardless of whether you’re already such a valuable purchase or plan it, the website Stylish is ready to help you by offering several stylish ensembles with high boots in the title role.


How to make ensembles with the participation of high boots

— Owner of small stature can visually increase the length of the legs, if you pay attention to the boots knee length or a little shorter. Wearing boots the color of your outfit, you will create an elongated silhouette, making you look taller and slimmer.

This is the most neutral set, without special claims, which, nevertheless, has very useful properties that allow you to adjust the figure.

Boots extremely harmonious and feminine look with skirts of medium length. You can choose any suitable for your shape the cut of the skirt – the-year-line, pencil, pleated. Most importantly, the skirt covered the upper part of the boot. Such kits allow you to create intrigue.

— Bold and sexy would look mini skirt combined with high boots on heels. Particularly striking is a set of form-fitting calf boots and a leather mini skirt, decorated with zippers, hardware, etc. do Not feel enough courage to try on the style of the young rocker? Then let the skirt is not leather, but, for example, denim is a more neutral set.

Just don’t wear with a mini skirt, boots and fishnet tights, if you want to avoid is not flattering for your Association.

— Short knitted sweater dress casual style will be very harmoniously with botfortas stilettos or high wedge heels. Dress should be as simple and closed.


— Short or medium length dresses with wrap will be perfectly combined with elegant boots on a heel.

Legging is the perfect addition to the jackboot. In this dress you’ll look boldly, but not provocatively. Leggings can also be replaced by skinny jeans of a contrasting color.


— Very organic, boots and tunic look. They can act as a standalone piece of clothing or to go complete with jeans, leggings or leggings. In any case, the ensemble will generally feminine and fashionable.

General principles of wearing high boots

When combining the boots with the clothes we should also consider the following important points:

— If you’re not tall and can’t boast of the length of the legs, give up the treads – they visually shorten the body.

— High boots – it’s quite noticeable and quite self-sufficient part of the outfit. So keep this in mind: the more decorated your boots (zippers, hardware, etc.), the easier it should be all other parts of your ensemble, including your makeup.

Avoid the congestion of the image.

Feminine dresses embellished with ruffles, ruching, lace, etc., don’t go well with high boots.

— The same applies to shorts. This combination is somewhat vulgar.

— Wide pants and high boots together is also not “friends”.

— It is also important that the boots combined with outerwear. It’s a perfect style coat fitted lightly over the top edge of the boot.

We hope that our recommendations about what to wear with high bootswill help you to make a variety of interesting and stylish sets which they participate.

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