Where, what and how to wear a dress with peplum

Everything new is well forgotten old. Dresses and peplum is no exception. An additional element in the form of a shuttlecock, located in the area of the waist makes the outfit more interesting, but at the same time and successfully camouflages figure flaws, adjusting its proportions. P

so these models are loved by millions of residents from different countries and continents. Today Stylish widget will introduce you to this fashionable trend, telling about where, what and how to wear a dress with a peplum.

Delve into history

Initially wear the peplum was purely a male prerogative. In the 18th century the inhabitants of Northern Spain, the Basques called themselves, were first adopted frill at the waist in her wardrobe. Actually, this explains the name of this clothing items.

Fashion trend picked up by the French, and later the women decided to borrow it is a functional fixture in the sterner sex.

Famous designer Cristobal Balenciaga in 20th century re-inspired peplum, returning it to the female wardrobe.

Well, today Basque is a key element of many collections of famous couturiers and designers, among which I would like to mention the fashion house Dior.

The peplum for the new season: features

Peplum dresses has found its application in a variety of stylistic directions. They can be worn to the office, and on corporate and out to the beach and to the theater. Even in wedding attire peplum actively featured.


The highlight of the current fashion year is incomplete peplum, which covers only the sides and center front and back is missing.

In General, this year the peplum is very diverse. It can be short and long, symmetrical, and cut on the bias.

Hit of the season is the sheath dress, complemented with a peplum. This element makes the traditional model of the dress is interesting, but without compromising its functionality. In the office, this dress will add the image of a strict business lady is a little coquetry.


Another topical trend is a gown embellished peplum. Made of flowy fabric, this dress will be a perfect for city walks, trip to the beach or get-togethers in cafes.


Especially non-trivial in this year’s presented peplum dresses in the fashions of the evening. So, one of the most striking decisions is the dress in which the top and peplum are made from the same fabric as the hem from the other.

The bodice and peplum embellished in a variety of prints, lace, embroidery, printed pattern, and hem made of light airy fabrics such as satin.

Dress mermaid, floor length, strapless is evening attire that can only afford the owner of a flawless figure. But if you add the same model peplum, which will visually make the waist, hides the extra folds in the stomach area and form a seductive transition from waist to hips, the range of applications of this outfit is greatly extended.

Retains the designers ‘ love of asymmetry. So, in cocktail fashion showcased one shoulder dress, complemented with a peplum.


White dresses knee length with black peplum is a great everyday solution. Such dresses are appropriate for summer walks in the city or dates.

The front slit will make your image more attractive and inviting.

Beige dress with peplum is a must – have wardrobe of every stylish girl. It is difficult to list all the situations in which this model will serve you well.


These are just some of the hot trends this year, which involved the Basque.

Peplum oblige

Dress with peplum has a certain specificity which should be taken into account in the preparation of the ensemble.

— It is important to choose a model which is ideal for you to sit down. This means that the waist should be at your place size peplum look in proportion, and length – to emphasize the harmony of your silhouette.

— Best friends dresses peplum – heel shoes, because this piece of clothing has a habit of visually shorten your legs.

Peplum – a bright accessory, so do not overload the image details. However, the strap or belt at the waist along with a peplum make a great Alliance, making you even more feminine and slimmer.

I suggest you to take a closer look at how to use peplum dresses in your wardrobe Hollywood celebrities. They realized the functionality of the model and proudly flaunt them on the catwalk and carpet.