Why do nails grow slowly

Gently hands look with short nails. And they can do the original manicure. But with long nails visually lengthen the fingers look more elegant. But not always, the nails can grow to the desired length. In some women, the nail plate splits or soft nails and often break down. And so I want to have long nails. How to help them and to make them strong and grow faster?

Why nails grow slowly

What are the reasons that influenced their growth? The condition of the nail depends on many factors. It can be hereditary causes, characteristics of the organism, conditions of work, which products are used by the woman and even the environment and time of year. For example, if the work is related to the fact that the woman’s hands are often in water, the nail plate becomes soft, the nails are often broken.

Experts have come to the conclusion that in the warm season nails grow faster, improves its structure. This is due to the beneficial effects on the body to sunlight. Life freezes in the winter, nails also grow more slowly.

As for the food, to strengthen nails and make them grow faster, you need to include in the diet of vitamins, calcium, acid. Regular consumption of fruit, cheese and yogurt, fish helps strengthen them and helps to grow.

Negative impact on the nails and on the body have harmful addictions. Thus, Smoking leads to the fact that they become yellow. Of course, this can be corrected by covering them with varnish, but the General condition will not improve.

How to improve nail plate?

Aside from proper diet, exercising, walks in the fresh air to improve nails and faster growth, should pay attention to the individual hand care, proper manicure. For example, if technology nail you first need to cover the basis, then, exactly what to do.

For soft and brittle nails to apply nail saw blade with gentle coating, for example, laser, glass, or ceramic. Nail treatment should be done, holding the nail file in one direction. It is better to avoid the use of scissors, since the cut also disrupted the nail plate.

Nail Polish remover, use good fluids, which include oils and other therapeutic ingredients. And of course, in any case it is not necessary to resort to such barbaric way of removing the varnish, as Stripping it with a blade or biting.

Weak nails should not be loading the common procedures for applying nail Polish. At least once a month give them a day off, spending the time range of Wellness treatments. For example, you can do treatments, hydrating mask for the hands.

Nature will help to restore the nail and accelerate growth

The advice of wise grandmothers and great-grandmothers are relevant regardless of the achievements of modern cosmetology. Have a beneficial effect on the United them in a bowl with olive oil and lemon juice. For a few moments omitted in this connection fingers, fed with the necessary fastening elements.

It is highly beneficial baths using sea salt. After it on hands should apply the cream, carefully massage it to the nail.

Oddly enough, but nails love red pepper. Add it to the cream for hands and nails. However, to carry out this procedure once a month. Red pepper serves as a stimulant to improve blood circulation. Improved circulation nourishes the nail with nutrients.

Lovers to work in the country it is better to use gloves. And when the job is done on hands and nails is to apply burdock, castor or olive oil.

Regular care for hands and nails do not take much time. But the effect will please women who do not grow or break nails.

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