Why does skin itching on hands

Probably very little on earth these women who at least once in my life encountered such a problem as splitting nails and not thinking — so why exfoliate fingernails. This unpleasant problem can occur for various reasons, so before proceeding to the suppression of delamination, it is first important to determine why this is happening. This will depend on the method of treatment and its effectiveness.


  • Why exfoliate the nails on the hands
  • If the nails exfoliate
  • The mask from the bundle of nails

Reasons why skin problem on his hands:

1. Nails due to the lack of minerals and vitamins. The most common cause of delamination in spring, when the body is exhausted as a whole.

2. Also, this can happen with girls, sitting on a strict diet or multiple diets.

3. Damage to the nail plate, caused by exposure to household chemicals. The most common cause of delamination for women actively engaged in housework, and often in contact with detergents.

To avoid delamination for this reason, it is enough just to do all the housework in household rubber gloves.

If you are uncomfortable in household gloves, just purchase in a pharmacy, medical – they fit snugly to the hand and does not interfere during work.

4. Injuries of the nail plate. Particularly susceptible to this women a lot of time spend on the garden or flower bed, or typing on a computer keyboard.

The nail does not contain nerve endings, so it’s hard to feel that the plate is damaged. Be aware of caution, if you wish to preserve healthy and beautiful nails.

5. Building and gluing of artificial nails. So that you may say of the master that if the right to produce increase the health of the nail is not affected, don’t believe them.

Judge for yourself – how can there be a harmless substance, which through a complex chemical reaction becomes diffusion from the nail plate, thus completely altering its structure and composition?

Remember – there is nothing prettier than natural beauty. But even if you can’t abandon the artificial, try to build as little as possible.

What to do if exfoliate nails on the hands?

  1. In the daily diet should be seafood, fatty fish or even seaweed.
  2. Consult your doctor and if he approves it, then drink cod liver oil 1 tablespoon per day, for 30 days.
  3. Through the day, do the bath with sea salts and a few drops of rose oil.
  4. Discard decorative painting at the time of treatment.
  5. If the reason is lack of nutrients, then be sure to contact your doctor so he will pick you up for a multivitamin.
  6. For the night grease hands nourishing cream, then wear cotton gloves.

The mask from the bundle of nails

1. Lemon juice floors and a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply to the cuticle area and massage.

After 10 minutes you can rinse your hands with cold water and spread with cream.

2. Heat the sunflower oil in it and add a few drops of an alcoholic solution of iodine.

Mixture liberally to the nail plate and the skin around them. You can leave even at night.

3. Burdock oil mixed with grated walnuts. Slurry can be applied entirely on the skin and after half an hour rinse.

If you have a skin problem on the hands, do it regularly these masks. After all, only on well-groomed hands, you can create amazing nail designs.