Winter nails French 2018

Synthetic nails are still trending in 2018. And today we’ll talk about the key trends of the new season. Join us!

Winter nails French 2018

If you want to create a bright image, look at the most stylish manicure in the style of the French. Let us discuss the key trends of the season and talk about what kind of manicure will be relevant in 2018.

Graft nails French 2018

French nails design which year is breaking all records of popularity. It is preferred to create well-known bloggers, designers, brides around the world. It has no age boundaries and can be accomplished with a variety of techniques. And today we’ll talk about what a French manicure is trending in 2018, and will also discuss fashion techniques of nail service.

French manicure with pictures

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The original decision for the new season is getting a French manicure with a variety of drawings. We are talking about bright patterns, all of which can be themed or not. What is fashionable to portray on the nail plate?

Today, women prefer to paint on the nail plate faces of famous people thematic drawings, as well as various symbolic inscriptions. Important to draw on the nails drawings from cartoons, brand engraving and so much more.

Mirror French
One of the most popular dyeing techniques nail art today is mirrored French. It involves the creation of a beautiful mirror tint on the nails. This can be done using nail Polish on the basis of aluminum powder. This manicure looks very stylish and relaxed. The result is a perfectly smooth surface, which immediately attracts the attention of others. As for the mirror effect, the trend as gold and silver.

White jacket
Classic white jacket is always relevant. Even if you are tired of the usual manicure, French manicure is always a good idea and fashionable solution. All you need is to remember that the classic French manicure is performed on a beige or pink based. This year classic white jacket is fashionable to complement the delicate patterns of flowers and sequins and stones!

Reverse French
The reverse French is a popular technique of creating fashion manicure, which involves the allocation region of the moon on the nail plate. This manicure looks very stylish, when you consider that in the modern interpretation it implies an unusual design. Craftsmen create the beautiful geometric lines, form bright patterns. In short, this nail art looks 100%.
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