Top Yellow manicure 2018

The first thing you need to do is choose a nail Polish that you like. Shades of yellow nail Polish very much, but there are those that repel. If you are an experimenter, then you can safely try a bright color — the color of a lemon, a Canary. But our recommendation to you is to think. Better pick a color that will ideally blend with your skin.

Yellow manicure — basic rules

Who can afford yellow manicure? As shades of any other colors, yellow has warm and cool shades.

Warm shades: dark orange, orange, gold, pear, amber, old gold tone. Cold is the color of lemon, lime, Chartreuse and all the rest, that its range is close to the color of the salad.

Important tips in choosing yellow nail Polish:

  • The yellow color should fit your skin color. Winter and summer will fit the tone of cold, spring and autumn — warm tone.
  • Ladies, the owners of long nails, or if you have nails, will suit shades of yellow pastel colors.
  • Brunettes will suit shades of yellow with a green tinge.
  • Blondes Golden fit color-rich, Sunny, Golden colors.
  • Redheaded beauties will be shades of yellow, brown, or design with the brown color.
  • Brown will go the best choice is Golden brown.
  • It is a mistake to believe that yellow Polish can be used only in the summer, it is suitable for all seasons.

Most importantly, when creating the image to keep proportion and harmony. Apply the varnish and look in the mirror. If you feel comfortable with this yellow, you made a mistake in his choice.

The combination of colors

If you do decide to do a yellow design on the nails, then you might want to know a few simple ideas:

1. If you want to make achromatic manicure, here you will approach black, grey, white combined with yellow.

2. Complementary design that involves a combination with yellow contrasting colors such as blue, blue, light green, mint, pink, purple.

3. A large excess of contrasts will create the image of vulgarity, so treat this kind of manicure carefully. If you choose one tone is very bright, then the second select muted or dilute it by adding a drop of white enamel.

You can combine a few shades at once, but better that yellow will be the Foundation, and all others to be close to the group. No need to way to add yellow accessories. Now to pick up the bag, the shoes the manicure is not necessary. This rule has long been obsolete.

Yellow nail design with polka dots

This season fashion has been various drawings in the form of polka dot, stripes, geometric shapes on the nails. Add the yellow design, you can also bow, for example, black. For applying beautiful and clear drawings, you can use the stamping Polish.

How to do it right on the nails polka dot

1. A mandatory procedure before applying the varnish are hygienic manicure. Because bright colors always reveal the shortcomings of the nail plate, so you should try.

2. To apply a basic base coat, you need two layers.

3. Then apply yellow nail Polish, wait until it is completely dry.

4. Then take a toothpick or a special tool the dots, and put the point gently, not observing the laws. In fashion manicure yellow in combination with black, blue, green and white peas on a yellow background.

For the design with acrylic paint and a thin brush. Due to this the manicure turns out neat, as the paint dries very quickly, so the picture can be edited using a spray wand.

5. You can then add rocks, beads or rhinestones.

6. To fix the manicure with two layers of top coat.

It is very important for every layer to dry well, as juicy manicure at home requires special attention, care. To save time, you can use a special drying or dipping the fingers in cold water with ice.

Yellow French manicure

Original yellow nail designs pictures