Zoning curtains: ideas on the proper use of space

The need for the artificial division of space into functional zones can occur for different reasons. But most often this is due to lack of space. Well, if so, then this process requires ingenuity and creativity.

A variety of zoning options for curtains – a very popular solution to this problem. And today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you how to implement it.

Advantages of using curtains as dividers of space

1. Simplicity: blinds require a minimum of additional hardware for mounting, so all the ideas for their use are easily implemented in practice.

2. Space saving. Screens, decorative partitions, furniture, used as dividers, eat much more space than curtains.

3. Cheapness. This method of zoning is democratic: it can be implemented independently, without attracting highly qualified professionals and not by purchasing expensive materials.

4. As a consequence of clause 4, you through the use of curtains, you receive the opportunity to update the interior of your apartment at least every month.

The idea of zoning curtains interior

Actually, the curtains as artificial partitions in premises used from time immemorial.

This piece of furniture carries a decorative and functional load, being both spectacular decoration, giving the room warmth and accentuates its unique style, and at the same time delimiting the space.

Let’s start with the fact that the curtains can be used instead of doors.

  • First, it also serves as a space saving idea – after all, opening and closing a conventional door, if it is not, of course, the compartment door required lot area.
  • Secondly, this option is particularly successful when it comes to the division areas, each of which is actively used.

For example, the use of curtains instead of a door makes it easier circulation between kitchen and living room.

But especially important is the zoning of the space with curtains in one room small apartments and studios. Even in a limited area by using curtains you can turn a home into a cozy nest.


When we are talking about a Studio apartment, the main task facing the hosts is to separate the bedroom area from the reception area. One of the simplest, but at the same time, effective solutions will be a canopy. It gives the whole apartment in a medieval hamlet. Depending on the General style of interior and taste of the owners, the canopy can be light and airy, luxurious or decorated with tassels, fringe, etc.

Also use curtains to separate the workplace in a Studio apartment.

The original interior, as well as a feeling of psychological comfort will help to create double curtains. For example, from the side of the bed they can be pale pastels, soothing tones, and from the guest area – bright and elegant.


Curtains can be used in children. Kids love cozy burrows in which to hide. With the help of curtains you can select, for example, a separate game area, hiding it from prying eyes.

You can also use the same canopy, thereby separating the sleeping area from the zone of activities and games.

Most importantly, to get the look of curtains, match the tastes of the child and his Hobbies. For example, the boy will surely enjoy the curtains with a space theme, girl dressy lace curtain.

Zoning with curtains will also be an excellent idea if in the same room we have to coexist two kids.

With regard to the appearance of your curtains, then it is not difficult today to choose the option that is do will be a bright interior detail, organically inscribed into it, not standing out the alien element.


For example, the very popular blinds made of bamboo – they perfectly complement the interior in the Japanese style. Curtains of beads is perfect for a Bohemian decorated apartment. Light translucent curtains of tulle give the room a festive look.


Textile curtain noble shade, decorated with floral ornament – a typical detail of the interior in the art Nouveau style.


As you can see, the zoning curtains can be a very exciting process that will allow you to implement any your ideas, not demanding from you super. Good planning, good taste and a little creativity, your apartment will gain a luster and originality.

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